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I'm What Willis Was Talkin' Bout

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About Me What I Love

I'm an art student, originally from America but studying in England. Although, my life might be changing in a huge way soon. My mother has stage 4 cancer, and isn't recovering. Her survival depends on a certain drug that she is not guaranteed to get. At the moment we are waiting for a yes or no on that drug, and my life may be put on hold for a while. I am determined to keep art in my life, and continue my studies no matter what happens, but my mother is more important to me at the moment. I am also a lesbian with an amazing and supportive partner. I love her, she keeps me sane. Sadly, she is still in England. Life at the moment is moving in a day by day basis. I'm not sure what my future has in store for me.

I love Buffy a lot and have been watching it sense I was 10. I even have a drawing I drew of Buffy. When I was little, she was the one that chased away my nightmares, but now the entire show has helped me find myself. I had help with coming out to my family as I watched Willow and Tara. They made me able to talk to people and accept myself. I was able to realize that it was okay to be who I am, and in more ways then just one. The entire show helped me out with life in general. Its my sanity show. (Irony)

I am completely in love with a beautiful women named Elisha. She is my heart and soul, and no one could ever come between us. If I try to put in words what I feel with her, you'll have me babbling for hours about everything. Everything she is, is amazing. XD Its hard to believe that she is mine....

Art has become my life. Besides Elisha, its what gets most of my attention. Usually if I post something its about life or some sort of art, whether I did it or someone else. I'm currently at an art school studying a course that teaches multiple types of art, to help you figure out what the hell you want to do. Its really opening me up to a lot of new things, and I love it.

Some of my entries are private for friends only, so become friends with me and get to know me!

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3-D Art
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Video Games

Buffy the Vampire Slayer
The L Word
Invader Zim
Big Bang Theory
Moulin Rouge
Across the Universe
Pineapple Express
Dark Angel
Imagine Me and You
But I'm A Cheerleader
Alice in Wonderland
Howl's Moving Castle

:Favorite Celebrities:
Joss Whedon
Jessica Alba
Kristen Stewart
Alyson Hannigan
Amber Benson
Leisha Hayley
Jordana Brewster
Hayley Williams
Tegan and Sara
Summer Glau

Tegan and Sara
Yeah Yeah Yeahs
Broken Social Scene
Death Cab For Cutie
Regina Spektor
Vampire Weekend
Bon Iver

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